Vrinda Albrecht

Interior Designer
People don’t realize the subconscious effect their environment has on their lives. My job is to help clients fully enjoy every square foot of their space, bringing them comfort and happiness, selecting items that are attractive and interesting.
Ever since she was a little girl, Vrinda has been an artist. Today, she has a small studio in her home where she paints, draws and sketches. She loves every aspect of the creative process and is enthralled by color, studying the theory behind colors and the amazingly different ways they can work together.

As an interior designer, she most enjoys helping customers understand how they feel about their environment and how it impacts their lives. She studies the psychology of where we live, the rooms we live in and how they affect us.

Vrinda moved to Florida from the Chicago area, where she worked for Marshall Fields Home Store as an executive interior design assistant. She also spent time as a designer for Ethan Allen. Her love of design was supported with her B.S. degree in Interior Design from the International Academy of Design & Technology in Schaumburg, Illinois. This mother of two daughters loves her work at Clive Daniel Home, noting that it is an inspirational environment, as every day she sees design professionals help clients find creative ways to solve special problems – something she is always eager to do for her clients as well.

Office: 239.213.7835

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