John Tweet

Interior Designer
Just about everything at CDH can be customized to the client's needs in terms of color, fabric or finish, including furniture clients already own. My goal is to totally understand my client’s needs, helping them to achieve their dreams either through new furniture purchases or by reworking existing pieces.
Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, John Tweet initially worked in retail and then for Associated Merchandising Corp. (AMC), a buying office out of New York. He was based in Hong Kong for five years, guiding millions of units of production for women’s woven garments for some of the largest department stores in the U.S. He had responsibility for 11 Pacific Rim countries. While working for AMC, he developed close relationships with the mills and gained extensive knowledge about the fabric side before creating garments. John’s creativity and his love affair with fabrics enabled him to design and produce all types of women’s apparel. John’s increasing interest in interior design was fueled through the “fabric route” learning about design and fabrics from the mill side up. He transited into furniture about five years ago with his own design firm in Hingham, Massachusetts and moved to Florida two years ago, now living in Estero with his dog CoCo, a Cotton De Tulear breed.

He graduated from University of St. Thomas St. Paul MN with a B.A. in Business and loves to read and cook. Other interests include the Humane Society and Resident Book Club. John believes his extensive experience with fabrics is highly beneficial to his work as a design professional, enabling him to envision opportunities for upholstering and changing colors which others may not see.

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