Clive & Daniel

The Lubner family is now four generations deep in home furnishings with origins in Eastern Europe.  Clive and his family emigrated from South Africa to the United States in 1978 and for thirty-two years led the Robb & Stucky brand to the top of the home furnishings retail industry. In 1998, Daniel joined Clive at Robb & Stucky to create the successful hospitality division as to mange several locations. 

Clive and Daniel created the Lubner Group in 2011 to cater to the hospitality trade, assisting clients in all processes of design, manufacture, logistics, warehousing and installation.

The Lubners are pleased to bring their unique visual merchandising approach to Clive Daniel, their new retail venture in Naples, Florida.  They are joined by a world-class design and merchandising team to bring clients the most unique product selections and provide a home-furnishings shopping experience like no other.

“We are so much more than furniture, and I am sure our clients will be blown away.  Where else can you relax with a glass of wine while you shop for your home?” said Clive

“We hope to surprise our clients who have come to dread furniture shopping!  Who would expect to find kitchens, closets, landscape architects and jewelry in a furniture store?” said Daniel.